Bruce Holland

About Me

My passion is to liberate human energy at work. I am particularly interested in mentoring internal and external consultants who want to help their clients make workplaces that are more cooperative, collaborative and innovative.

It can be difficult and risky getting started as a consultant. This is even more so if you plan to help people, leaders and teams because you will need to learn all the soft (but hard to do) skills of building relationships and helping people be more than they think they are capable of.

External consultants

If you want to be an external consultant there are dozens of critical decisions to be made from how to run your own business to how to find clients before your seeding money runs out. These skills can take years to develop on your own. I have 27 years experience and can help you become successful far more quickly with less risk.

Internal consultants

If you want to be an internal consultant (CEO, HR professional or OD professional) you will need to develop skills, approaches that achieve permanent change to teamwork, communication, collaboration and cooperation. I can help you become successful far more quickly with less risk.

Why me?

I am dedicated to liberating human energy at work. I have 27 years experience consulting in:

  • Strategy development and execution
  • Organisational development
  • Leadership development
  • Empowerment processes.

I have extensive experience mentoring new consultants taking the plunge and senior managers who want more from their people in turns of customer focus and innovation.

I am experienced in consulting to the private sector, public sector and local government. I consult with banking, insurance, legal, accounting, food, health care, energy, motor vehicle retailing, steel fabrication and many others.

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Phone: +64 21 620 456