What are the disadvantages of being a consultant?

There are many disadvantages of becoming a consultant. These include:

  1. It can feel lonely moving from inside the team to outside by yourself. 
  2. You can feel adrift moving from directed to self-directed work.
  3. You can feel vulnerable leaving the protection of your employer’s brand and reputation.
  4. It’s scary if you hate selling yourself and you only have yourself to sell.  
  5. It’s risky knowing your reputation is only as good as your last gig. 
  6. It can take time to become established. The longer this takes, the longer you are unpaid and the more self-doubt accumulates. 
  7. You need time to sort your ideas, establish your business direction and its profile, marketing, products, systems, technology and processes. 
  8. It takes time before clients feel they can trust a new consultant. You need to achieve all this before your resources run out.
  9. You need to find paying customers and earn their trust. 
  10. You need to stand out from the thousands of almost invisible independent consultants.

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