What are the benefits of becoming a consultant?

There are many benefits by becoming a consultant. These include:

1. You are free to choose the work that excites you, that you feel born to do and that you know makes a difference.

2. Many people are promoted into roles that they don’t like and they are not suited for. Consulting is a way back to the technical skills they love.

3. You can choose the clients you want to work with and as a result, work more intuitively beyond the conscious level.

4. You can be your own boss, self-directed and independent, true to your own sense of direction.

5. You can specialise in work that uses your core of greatness and when you do, achieve more than you expected.

6. You can take control of your work-life balance, enjoy better health and relations with friends and family.

7. You can develop your own business, earn a great living and build an asset of value for the future.

8. You can take control of your career rather than being at the mercy of others to decide on your future and whether you become redundant.

9. What you put your effort into becomes your property rather than the company’s. This includes:

  • Your intellectual property (products and processes developed as you work for one client that can be used again for others)
  • Your client relationships that give you repeat business and referrals if they are strong
  • Your brand and reputation.
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Bruce Holland’s experience
For me, going consulting, was not very logical. I was in an excellent position, good pay, company car, golden handcuffs. I was far from sure it would work. I still had a dependent child and lukewarm support from family.
So why did I take the plunge and become an independent consultant? It was more emotional or even spiritual. I had some deep need to make a difference. I had seen how business had been detrimental to the planet, exploiting limited resources while ignoring the most valuable and unlimited resource of people. I had also seen example of business where people mattered and almost anything was possible. This is why my purpose was and continues to be:
“To liberate human energy at work”.
Your hopes will be different from mine that were only partly rational and came down largely to pig-headed hopes:
  • I hoped my work would be an expression of who I am in the world
  • I hoped I would be able to make a difference not only to my client but also to the world
  • I hoped I  would have far more control over what was delivered, how it was delivered, who I worked with, and how I spent my time
  • I hoped my future would be firmly in my own hands
  • I hoped I would end up creating an organisation of value and purpose.